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Every Summer, The Root & The Bloom offers a unique opportunity for the youth of Butte: an eight-week internship at the Clark Chateau taking workshops with local artists, visiting cultural institutions, working at the Chateau, and exploring social and historical issues through various arts mediums.

Each student works on an independent, self-driven project, building upon it every week. Each participant presents their project at the end of the session in a public event at the Chateau, and gets to see their work on display.

World Museum of Mining Interns
clint presentation
sam presentation
9th Rib 1
maggie project
Maggie and Tom performance
Mackenzie Presentation


Dance with Tamara Pullman

Filmmaking with Don Andrews

Oil Painting with Kelly Packer

Theater with Frankee Angel

Collage Art with Carson Grace Becker

Songwriting with Callison Stratton


Visual Art/ Sculpture

"GuitarMan" by Leif Clark


Visual Art/ Myth Building

"Sitnalta" by Blaine Andersen and Katy Allison


Fashion Design

"Trashion" by Ruthe Meeks


Dance/ Film

"Vice and Virtue" by Cassidy Duddy



"Accidental Symphony" by Tom Gammons



Because this program is entirely free for participants, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses to support the youth in our community! Click here to make a donation.


Q: How old do I have to be to participate? 

A: This program is open to young people aged 14 to 18. If you're younger than 14, don't worry! We are working on developing other programs for younger kids. If you're older than 18 and you want to get involved, we have specific internships for you to check out! Click here for more info.


Q: How big is the time commitment? 

A: The program takes place over nine weeks in the summer, and requires one 6-hour day and one four-hour day per week. In total that's 10 hours per week spread out over two days.


Q: Why isn't this just a History program? What do the Arts have to do with anything? 

A: We believe that an interdisciplinary approach to any subject is the best way to fully engage with and understand it. In other words, looking at a moment in history through a piece of art, theater, music, film, etc., gives you a deeper understanding of it, seeing it for more than just a bunch of facts and dates. Art gives you the ability to grasp the emotional impact of history. At the same time, history enriches your understanding of the Arts by giving context to an artist's experience. If you understand the history surrounding an artist's work, you can better understand the influences and motivations behind their creations.


Q: Why isn't this just an Arts program? What does History have to do with anything? 

A: See above.


Q: Is this program boring? 

A: Not at all! It's a blast!


Q: How do I apply?

A: Applications for the Summer Internship open on March 6th. The digital application is available directly below this box! You can also download the digital file, fill it out by hand and return it to the Butte-Silver Bow Archives, located at 17 W. Quartz St. in Uptown Butte. If you're interested in learning more about our program, feel free to shoot us an email at:


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