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Volunteer Day of Action: 10/22/2016!

Hello friends!

Join us at the Historic Clark Chateau this weekend to give our beloved building some much-needed TLC! After dozens of events and more than 2,000 people walking through the building this year (wow!), it could use a deep clean and some sprucing up.

Here are a few things we'll be doing:

- Spackling and re-painting damaged walls

- Hanging artwork

- Clearing out the garage and transforming it into an actual storage space

- Deep cleaning every floor of the building

- Organizing and cleaning our horribly unorganized boiler room

- Moving furniture and heavy objects

Our day of Action will take place THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22ND from 11am to 5pm. Come lend a helping hand and help us take care of our beautiful historic building!

Don't these volunteers look like they're having so much fun?

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